What is Loot Crate? From their website, it’s “a monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans filled with incredible and exclusive items and apparel from your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and more! Over $45 value in every crate!”


Loot Crate costs $15.99 a month plus shipping.

February’s theme is BUILD. This is my first box and to be honest, I really wanted the robot their box turns into that’s why I bought it  😝.


Here are all the stuff I received this month. Total of 5 items, yay!


1. Batman food container – this is from Zak!, a brand I am familiar with because of Target. They make a bunch of kids’ plates, tumblers, bowls, etc. This is a really cool item but I am saving it as a gift for my nephew. I like that they used lego Batman.


2. Megazord t-shirt – Their shirt sizes run small so make sure to order a size up.  Anyway, the design for this month is Megazord from Power Rangers styled like a blueprint.


3. Megazord pin – every month you get sent a lootpin to collect. You can also redeem 3 e-comics from Comixoligy – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #0, #1 and Pink #1.


4. Lego Dimensions fun pack – there are 5 different characters and I received Wonder Woman in my kit. Unfortunately, we don’t own an XBox 360 so this will just be on display.


Here she is riding atop her invisible jet.


5. Tetris Flexible Magnet Sheet – This will be gifted since we already have a ton of stuff cluttering our fridge.


Lootbot says hi and bye!