Love for Food is a monthly junk-free snacking box. On top of getting all organic treats, meals are donated to a food bank each month you’re a member and for each purchase you make, so you are eating good AND doing good!


All the items in our box for a group picture! LOL!


1. Pork Clouds in Rosemary & Sea Salt – I grew up eating fried pork rinds so I was excited to see this in our box. The flavor was good and something new to me.


2. Chickpeatos in Tomato Basil – This was the first time for me to try roasted chickpeas even though I’ve seen them sold at our local grocery. This is gluten free, organic and non-GMO if that matters to you. Flavor was good and the chickpeas were roasted crunchy. I don’t think I’ll buy a bag of this though.


3. Mini Nut-Thins in Cheddar Cheese – wheat & gluten free almond & rice cracker snacks that’s a good alternative to Cheeze its. My daughter loves anything cheese flavored crackers so this was a hit.

 4. Lemon Snackaroon – this was basically a lemon flavored (coconut) macaroon. I wish it came in a bigger bag with at least 3 pieces instead of one but I understand this was really just a sampler.


5. Brownie Brittle in Salted Caramel– I’ve always wanted to try this snack since I first saw it on Amazon. Yes, it is definitely just like the toasted sides you get when you bake brownies! Also, this was very sweet! I am not sure if it was because of the added caramel or the base brittle is just as sweet. I couldn’t eat three in a row but I guess that a good thing because I still have some left to enjoy another day  😜.


6. Belgian Boys Mini Cookie Stash – it says “The original Belgian Speculoos”. If you were sucked into Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter then you will love these little cookies! My daughter enjoyed this… couldn’t stop putting the mustaches on everyone in the house while laughing with a full mouth of cookies! Big hit!


7. Sprd in Marinara Mia – according to the makers, they took out the E and A in spread which stands for everything artificial. You can use this tomato mayo spread on, in, with almost anything. I am saving it for a a sandwich day at work.

8. Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds – I guess hemp seeds are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which promote cardiovascular health. Anything good for the body is welcome in our food! I will try this sprinkled on my salad.

9. Yummy Earth Organic lollipops – we also received 5 lollipops in different flavors but my daughter took them before I had a chance to take pictures. She liked them but as with any other lollipops, she only had it for a few minutes before getting tired. I guess they are healthier since they’re made of organic ingredients 😊.

Overall, I think this was a good box. I did not get any nutrition bars if chocolate candies which was a nice change.

Thank you for reading!